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Immersive Spaces 

As a designer with a background in architecture, with a great passion for video games. I have been experimenting with how the two worlds overlap. Through the creation of immersive digital spaces that users can experience digitally.  blending ancient architecture with mythical elements. 
spaces in an unconstricted world pose the question
“How will we build the unreal and experience the digital Worlds?”
Pharelic Cave 
Symbolism: Pharonic (Ancient Egypt)

Description:  Creating a Surreal atmosphere within a Cave with a large relic stating in Arabic and in hyroglyphics. 

“تصميمات الفراعنة اثرت علينا بقوة” 
translating to: “The designs of the Pharaohs strongly Influenced us.”
Glimmering Grotto
Descriptive Poem:     
“As I approach the Grotto’s gleam,
Angelic sculptures softly beam,
Their wings alight, they soar on high,
Guiding us to where the light doth lie.
In caverns old, with columns aglow,
The angels’ grace and beauty show,
In perfect peace they seem to be,
As if to guard this sacred Tree.
Their radiance doth fill the air,
Dispelling all our doubts and fears,
And in this sacred, holy place,
We find serenity and grace.”