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Title :

A mysterious Encounter  I

Current Holders:  TheYJ-Studio (5)

Number of Editions: 5 

"I've been stranded away from civilization for a couple of days I am unaware of where I am or how I've been surviving I came across something unexplainable and a mysterious part of the forest I was distracted by the illuminating flowers until I saw them three celestial deers."


Date Created:


Artist Notes:
This piece aims to transport the users away from daily life into the Fantasy realm.  Upon Purchasing users get access to physical and Digital editions of the image.


final mysterious encounter copy.jpg

  A Mysterious Encounter I  | A Mysterious Encounter I | A Mysterious Encounter I | A Mysterious Encounter | A Mysterious Encounter 

This Page is Exclusive only for the Holders of the piece and you Gain Access only through QR Code upon purchase will be password protected.

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