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philosophical Symbolic Architectural Creations 


I am a Multi-cultured part II assistant and multidisciplinary designer I am interested in how people interact with the architecture they inhabit and cultural symbolic designs, as I believe architecture should build on existing art and culture.

I have a passion for culture, regeneration and making. thus my style of design is imaginative yet technically grounded, supported by my professional and academic experience in working on cultural and residential projects.

This style is realised through an approach of thinking through making that implements brainstorming, 3D modelling,
conceptual collaging and constant boundary breaking experimentation across various scales.

Project 1

Post Grad studies_ Project II :   A Philosophical symbollic architectural proposal

Temple of Janus- The Bath Creative waste center 

This project highlights the pursuit of Paradoxical Duality in the breaking of existing dichotomies in Bath through the creation of a highly functional symbolic temple in service of the Roman Deity Janus (the symbol of rebirth and gateways).

Existing on a site of two contrasting polar exteriors, the Paragon Buildings of a Maintained order and a Walcot shop of a Flourishing disorder. Behind The temple’s polar exteriors stand two juxtaposed interior functions. Within the ordered Paragon Buildings stand a factory processing local waste material to create a sustainable composite neo-bathstone, working to reconnect the divided community within its walls through the collective making process.


The material created takes inspiration from local existing bath stones carrying fragments of memories through the incorporation of local workshop waste, giving the composite stone its unique look. On the contrasting disordered Walcot, the building stands a proud symbolic Altar of flourishing order working to celebrate Janus and the Neo-bath stone highlighting the function of the temple, its symbol, and materiality to provide a new understanding to the visitors.


Between the two contrasting sides is the space of paradoxical duality, implementing the elements of the contrasting-maintained order and flourishing disorder in a place that acts as the gateway between both polarities and communities. Breaking the barriers and showcasing the creations of the temple, highlighting that this central space wouldn’t exist if the two polarities were not highlighted and celebrated.

shot 1_Page_06_edited.png

the pursuit of Paradoxical Dualism 


project 2

Post Grad studies_ Project I:  A Research led Architectural Dissertation 

regaining identity in a globalised world 

Liberationg Mogmaa El Tahrir in Cairo

Through this project, the identity of Cairo, a city identified as a global megacity is re-established, by undertaking a journey to rediscover the Vernacular and modern Cairene identity. through forming an understanding of legends, figures, and the culture that shaped the city and analysing the architectural style of each dynasty. 

Through this project, a dystopian structure symbolic of the modern identity “Mogmaa El Tahrir” is
reshaped, and transformed from a symbol of despise and disconnect to a symbol of unity. celebrating the style of the vernacular dynasties, while also embracing the modern style. This was achieved by highlighting what was identified as the “Cairene Elements of Unity” (Elements that celebrate the
national identity of the city and unite the various dynasties through style, culture, and time)

The Final structure is one that works to celebrate the Cairene identity through the ages showcasing the harmonious identity and the styles developed by the various dynasties. At its center, the symbol of unity is the Lotus and papyrus an element that unites all of Cairo, a symbol of its establishment and growth. The temple stands as a strong symbol of the Cairene identity bold and overwhelming in its style incorporating and showcasing the symbols of unity at various scales and through different styles.
The dissertation was successful in regaining the Cairene identity undoing the effects of globalism, through a structure that seeks to provide its visitors with the understanding gained through the research undertaken,
I believe the methods implemented through this dissertation of regaining the identity of Cairo can be used to regain the identity of cities worldwide and return the unique essence of any city.


A walkthrough of Temple of Unity- Created using Rhino and rendered using Enscape 

Project 3

Undergrad Studies :   A Philosophical symbollic Structure

Bewdley's Tree

A Plasticity - Enviromental thesis 

Redefining architecture by creating a functional Structural Sculpture that seeks to connect the forest and the town surrounding the site together. The structural sculpture acts as a symbol of interconnectedness connecting the two elements with the surrounding world through its interlocking structure, as lattice structures are present in all living organisms binding everything together. The structure functions as a multi-use space that invites people to interact with nature and each other while the structure incorporates Carbon capture technology within it’s beams.

site plan just lines.png


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