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Liberated Structure

Regaining Identity in a Globalised World 

Liberating Mogmaa El Tahrir in Cairo

This Research-Led Design project reflects my symbolic and culturally focused design style, underpinned by rigorous research. The project involved an in-depth exploration of Cairo’s vernacular identity, aiming to liberate a structure from its dystopian modern identity and reconnect it with its roots.

This transformation was achieved by emphasizing what has been identified as the “Cairene Elements of Unity.” One of the most potent symbols uniting all of Egypt and underscoring Cairo’s significance is the Lotus and Papyrus symbol, which has its origins dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. Its integration played a pivotal role in reshaping the structure.
lotus and papyrus symbol_edited.jpg
lotus and papyrus symbol_edited.jpg
The Symbols of the lotus and Papyrus the symbol of unity symbolic of Cairo 


01 A Liberated Structure

Video Showcasing a Liberated structure through returning to it's symbollic identity. 


Connecting the structure to identity locations around Cairo forming a connection to the structure.
Using identity lines to create forms and voids revealing the final form.
Final form of structure impacted by the various Cairene Identities.

03 Placing the Symbol of Unity at the center of the structure

02 Form Liberating the Dystopian Structure 

Following the in depth research in Cairo the importance of the various religious dynasties and their impact on Cairo was highlighted and it was revealed that the symbolism of the papyrus of lower Egypt and lotus flower of upper Egypt was the symbol of unity that connected the dynasties throughout history acting as the link that connects all.

Moving on a series of logical and symbolic interventions were undertaken to liberate the building from its modern identity. These actions sought to exemplify the profound influence of the local symbolism and various dynasties  on the Cairene identity. Altering the form of the structure to create a building that has been impacted by the local identity.
existing structure.png
Existing conditions of Mogmaa El Tahrir
utilizing Lotus and Papyrus forms to cut the building showcasing that they are the center of the Cairene Identity 
Splitting up the structure by using the lotus form.
Joining up the structure again through the papyrus marches.
Final Form of form Liberated structure
existing structure.png
Existing Facade of Mogmaa El Tahrir 
print 5_edited.jpg
print 5_edited.jpg

04 Symbolically Liberating the Dystopian Structure 

Following the form liberation the structure is symbolically liberated through vernacular symbolism identified around Cairo symbolic of each of the identities that shaped Cairo.

hese are identified as  the Cairene elements of unity found in depth research of Cairo's eclectic and religious identity and utilising the elements to reshape the structure to celebrate the identity of Cairo.
Developing the Symbol of Unity (The symbol of Lotus and papyrus significant in the unity of Egypt in Cairo).
print 5_edited.jpg
The Cairene Gateway- carrying symbolism of the symbol of temple with elements of design celebrating the Coptic Islamic and pharaonic identities
print 5_edited.jpg
Incorporating The Cairene Elements Of Unity On The facade of the temple.
print 5_edited.jpg
“Pharonic“ Pylon Towers
carrying symbols of
Al- Qahir- carrying the origin of the Cairo in Arabic
Cairene Timber Screen- incorporating symbolism of all identities
Cairene Arch 
Iron Grills of Unity

05 Within the Temple

Within the temple elements of unity are visible throughout the temple in showcased in various techniques symbolizing Cairo’s diverse history and unique architectural style. Throughout the temple elements stand in grand scales and utilize different lighting techniques to create an intimate environment significant of the temple of the people.

06 A Cairene Temple of Unity 

Through the liberation of this Temple of disconnect Mogmaa El Tahrir has developed from a symbol of disconnect to a symbol that unites all of Cairo it is now open to all through non gated entrances and inviting through it’s form.

Upon Arrival the local Cairene would be able to see his dynasties represented through this structure discovering his ethnic identity and re-establishing the link lost. Learning about the symbolism that united Egypt while seeing the remnants of  symbol that once disconnected the Cairene identity.

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Post Grad

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in a Globalised World

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