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Neo Bathstone

Bath Creative waste center 

Programs Used: Rhino, Grasshopper, Enscape
The project is based around the idea of the pursuit of paradoxical duality and the breaking of existing dichotomies in Bath through the creation of a highly functional symbolic temple, seeking to eliminate ideas of judging something based on it’s looks, through contrasting exteriors and interiors, where within a Georgian building lies a factory for processing waste and creating a neo-bath stone and within an industrial warehouse lies an elegant altar in service of the Roman Deity Janus (the symbol of rebirth and gateways)  heavily decorated in the unique material neo bath stone.

Temple of Janus- The Pursuit of Paradoxical Dualism

shot 1_Page_06_edited.png
Section of the Walcot Altar- hosting symbolism of the Deity of rebirth

01 The Making of The Neo-Bathstone

The Neo-Bathstone represents the ordered and disordered sides of Bath, the stone is made up of cast lime stone that utilises upcycled building materials and local workshop waste as aggregates.
The resulting stone stands as a relic of memory retaining the identity and history of the local area. A binding material connects the stones together while noting on the local colour “Bath Aqua Blue” symbolic of the Roman identity of the city and craft makers that used to reside here.
the physical collage copy.png
the stone - Copy.jpg
The Making of The Neo-Bathstone

Detail of waste materials incorporated in the stone 
Physical Collage showcasing the identity and explorative journey of creation undertaken through the project acting as a mood board of the identity of Bath.

02 A Design process symbolic of the identity

Achieving the final design involved a lot of experimentation achieved through an iterative design process of multiple techniques and approaches, the process involved in depth research, compilation of symbolic collages, the making of elements and 3d models and constant sketching of ideas to progress the design and to create a highly functional structure that works to transform the raw materials and reflect the ideas developed through the process.
IMG_1308 copy.jpg
IMG_1256 copy.jpg
IMG_1304 (1) copy.jpg
Exploration of possible functions within the walcot Altar.
Form exploration of the process of enhancing the contrast and creating voids and pathways.
Early flow diagrams exploring the flow between levels and structures.

03 The Exterior of the Temple

The Project Stands as a reflection of both the order and disordered sides of bath noting on its dichotomic nature of segregated communities the building stands as one monument of enhancement of the two contrasting architecture identities of bath. 

The Paragon becomes a symbol of extreme maintained order on the exterior, decorated with the deity Janus the symbol of the temple, symbol of rebirth and two faces (polarities) meanwhile Walcot Street exterior stands as a symbol of extreme disorder.
exterior with Circles alone.png
Elevation of the Extreme Maintained order side of the temple hosting the symbolism of the deity Janus a symbol of rebirth.
The Disordered side of the temple on Walcot Street of the temple falling apart yet held together, with services and structure on exterior.

04 Contrasting Interior

within the temple are juxtaposed interiors contrasting the exterior faces of the Temple, while The Paragon buildings facade stands as a symbol of order and elegance behind its walls stands the fully functional factory of stone production.
While on Walcot street the disordered exterior facade, is contrasted with Elegant light flooded spaces that celebrates the symbol of the temple and the it’s material Neo-Bathstone. Teaching locals to not judge a place by it’s exterior.
interior one .png
Elevation of the Extreme Maintained order side of the temple hosting the symbolism of the deity Janus a symbol of rebirth.
Contrasting interior Altar, of elegant and sophisticated and symbolic interior that utilities Neo-bath stone cladding for interior, warm colors and reused existing materials.

05 Design Process: The Break Apart

The structure on Walcot Street was used to bring light to the hidden disordered identity of bath highlighting it’s fragmentation.

The process entailed utilizing a 3D scan of the structure’s and utilizing the forms to divide the structure and connect both contrasting buildings together forcing harmony in a site of no harmony.
the process copy 2.jpg
the process copy 2.jpg
Using the 3D scanned mesh to cut away the structure, allowing the building cut to be randomly generated.
Splitting the structure the to cover the site.
the process copy 2.jpg
the process copy 2.jpg
Pushing the existing paragon garden down connecting the levels between the two structures.
Connecting the two split section allowing for the building to overtake the site.
broken yet held together - Copy copy.jpg
Early concept model showing Exploded structure barely held together

06 Design Process: The Structural Wielding

After disassembling the structure, Grasshopper scripts were meticulously employed to create intricate structural elements. The objective was to give the impression of a building in the process of disintegration while still preserving a unified form.
On the Paragon side facade, retentions were strategically incorporated, utilizing both concealed and exposed methods to present an elegant appearance from one angle while simultaneously reinforcing the narrative and maintaining a shared thematic element.
This approach contributed to the overarching narrative of the site and facilitated the development of a cohesive design language between the two structures, ultimately establishing a point of harmony where both structures could stand alone as distinct entities yet coalesce into a unified whole when viewed together
final exports_Page_03.jpg
Early concept model showing Exploded structure barely held together
Script for internal facade retentions
with division between floors
Script for external facade retentions connected to walls on paragon building.
External Space frame System script
utilized on the facade and roof.
External lift script compromising of four curves connected by trusses.

07 Within the Temple

Within the Temple locals of bath from various social groups congregate to create, understand and explore the identity of bath, through Interior spaces that utilize, various techniques of lighting and materiality. Reusing different elements of the existing structures, hosting spaces of diverse functions and atmospheres.

07 The Temple of Unity

A grand and functional Temple serves as a hub for unity, gatherings, and celebrations. It provides people with a space to test ideas and foster development, a place to establish, celebrate, and cultivate Bath’s unique identity.

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