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Title :

Paradox of Life and Death

Current Holders:  (Currently Exhibited at AKA Contemporary)

Number of Editions: 1

A piece that explores the complex relationship between life and death.

The piece features a bust of a Pharaoh with a skull symbolic transient nature of life. While the Pharaoh's bust represents the power and authority once held in life. Within the bust appears a beating caged heart that represents the soul held captive by the limitations of external forces and the human body.
Behind the pharaoh are beautiful vibrant flowers representing the beauty and fragility of life. Reminding us that even in the face of death and captivity life persists and can still be beautiful.



  A Mysterious Encounter I  | A Mysterious Encounter I | A Mysterious Encounter I | A Mysterious Encounter | A Mysterious Encounter 

Date Created:  28/03/23

My Interpretation:
This piece is quite important. As it represents all of our hopes and aspirations and how we would like to be viewed and where we want to reach in life before our demise however sometimes we feel like we are trapped.  Yet We continue to bloom.



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