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Title :

The Time Prisoner

Current Holders:  (Currently Exhibited at AKA Contemporary)

Number of Editions: 1

The Symbolic Image showcases a person who has become a prisoner of time, bound by it’s forces gaining control of their life.
We are all prisoners of time,  If you neglect time you waste it, you focus on it too much you forget to live in the moment, you live in the moment too much you lose track of how to plan ahead.
In an era of overstimulation, with demands of work and constant distractions we easily lose track and distort our perception of time.
My father once told me “The only thing a person loses and can never get back in life is Time”. And that is why I believe time is the most valuable thing that cannot be bought.
Cherish your Time.

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  A Mysterious Encounter I  | A Mysterious Encounter I | A Mysterious Encounter I | A Mysterious Encounter | A Mysterious Encounter 

Date Created:  11/06/23

My Interpretation:
This piece is quite important. As it represents all of our hopes and aspirations and how we would like to be viewed and where we want to reach in life before our demise however sometimes we feel like we are trapped.  Yet We continue to bloom.



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