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Smart Kitchen Digital Twin 

Tools Used: Unity, ChatGPT, Visual Studio
world panels.png

The project involves re imagining a kitchen into becoming a smart kitchen through the use of sensors that provide live data and production of a digital twin that can be used to monitor the data and provide a new way of understanding the space, enhancing the efficiency towards the pursuit of a more sustainable future. 

Digital model that generates Realtime information gathered from sensors

The Existing Conditions

Understanding the existing space and elements, identifying the elements that can be used to gather real-time information in pursuit the existing space a smart sustainable space.
digital twin.jpg

Existing conditions of space highlighting the elements that can be analysed.

existing kitchen.png
existing kitchen.png

Existing Conditions in the Space 

Creating The Digital Twin

grey boxing of existing space with different elements that are to be monitored through the use of the sensors that allow the kitchen to become a more sustainable- smart kitchen. 



Smart Plug to monitor energy Use


Soil Sensor monitoring sensor and water moisture


Hob Sensor monitoring use and Energy

water sensor .png

Water Sink Sensor- monitoring consumption and PH Levels

digital twin model.png

Gathering and Analysing the Data 

Json file data providing information on the various components in the space, the energy they use, information on current temperature, consumption Sensors in the plants in the space provide information on moisture and fertility providing an understanding of how to best take care of them. 
imported json file .png
imported json file .png

Equipment Data Json File 

Plants Data Json file

Screenshot 2024-02-21 003029.png
Screenshot 2024-02-21 003029.png
through the use of world UI the digital twin will gather information based on the sensors and reflect it on built digital twin.  variables in the code will change colors of text on the UI through the use of forming an understanding of the average values.

Experiencing the Space in VR 

Screenshot 2024-02-20 005554.png
Screenshot 2024-02-20 005558.png
Screenshot 2024-02-20 005543.png
The application of certain packages can be utilized within either AR or VR space I believe with the rise of AR glasses it will become more common to find these spaces present in AR spaces rather than having to go through the effort of experiencing it through VR however it provides a new perspective on the space.
The Existing Conditions
Creatin the Digital Twin
Gathering and analysing the data
Experiencing the Space in VR

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